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Tuesday, January 30 which the guilty stupidly return to the scene of the crime

Thanks to the overwhelming clamor of my loyal fans (ok, it was just Kurt and Chuck) and especially to one amazing idea from Chuck, I have successfully resurrected what I had previously destroyed.

This is NOT NOT NOT a return to solo blogging for me. At least not during work hours, and certainly not in the near future at all, due to my lack of connectivity at home, which actually is a very sore subject at the Sloth Fortified Compound. Don't ask, it involves a porn addiction, which isn't even mine...

I just want to be able to go back into the past, back when I was really angry, upset, psychotic...and at times, funny. I wish I could write with such passion again, but then again, I sleep better at night now, and for the most part, life is better without such sharp edges, bumping into things, marking up furniture and occassionally drawing blood.

Saw a new documentary last night on TLC...The Duggars Go on Vacation!! Eighteen holy rollers in an RV, taking six days to drive from Deliverance, Arkansas to Disneyland...priceless. The matching shirts every day...they were working extra shifts at Lands' End to keep them all in primary colored polos. Sears stock more than doubled!! I thought for a minute Michelle was carting around #17 in there, but I guess the ol' convection oven must just be all stretched out, and no amount of crunches and sit-ups ain't gonna flatten out them abs. Anyway, feel free to enjoy the text of the article about them, and all my old stuff.

This is Tha Hog With Tha Biggest Nutts...signing off!!