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Wednesday, December 28

Two of the most reported things lately

I mean, outside of the fact that some people in this day and age are too slow and stupid to get out of the way of a grass fire?

1) Everyone seems to be falling all over themselves about "Veronica Mars" on UPN. Many many so called "TV Critics" are comparing its quality to such shows as "Arrested Development" and "Six Feet Under". And "Buffy". Well, it's obvious why most of the viewing public would miss this show. Once I heard it was on UPN, I figured "Veronica" was black. Or at least had "ghetto booty". Or did black guys exclusively.

Actually, none of the above is true. Kristen Bell is hot, I've thought so for months. Never seen the show. Maybe I should.

2) Everyone seems to have a different slant on the alleged Prior-Tejada trade-talk.

For no other reason than the fact that I do not simply believe that Jim Hendry has the sack to complete this trade, I have raised my hand and called 'BULLSHIT' since the first.

There's a strange little part of me who would like to see Hendry pull it off, just to prove to myself that he is, in fact, as desperate to win as I am.

However, most of the rest of me reels under the stupidity in trading Mark Prior, or any other pitcher of his ilk. Miggy T is a special player, and we should have thrown greenbacks at him two years ago as a free agent. But Special Pitchers are even rarer than that. Even playing his current role as Big Pussy, Prior is still of 'Special Pitcher' status.

Tell ya what. Wake me when it's over.