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Thursday, December 8

Still no surge of joy

It is a little known fact, in fact, I fucking SCOUR the interweb every day looking for Cubs news, and I only found out today...anyway, it is a little known fact that Jose Macias is no longer in pinstripes.

Yes, the worthless pieceashit gremlin is gone. Now Dusty won't be compelled to play him. Shit, that makes me feel better than knowing that Juan Pierre is here.

Right now, the middle infield consists of in its entirety: Neifi!!, Todd Walker the Writers' Friend, Ronny Cedeno, and Jerry the Lesser Hairston. Hairston and Neifi!! would comprise a hell of a bench, if the Great Motivator, Mister Tee Tree Stick himself, could work it out so everyone was happy and pulled together.

However, you just know Hendry is planning on trading Walker, and getting Neifi!! the 500 at bats he wasted last year for us. Actually, that's not fair. Maybe 50 of the ABs were ok.

At least Hendry traded our so-called prized prospects, rather than lose them in Rule V.