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Tuesday, December 27

Sports Moment of the Year 2005

Very simple, really. This is in the vein of what the Tribune half-assedly seems to be doing this week with their writers, and this is part of what Paul Sullivan wrote today:

Most telling off-the-field moment

LaTroy Hawkins yelling, "Mind your own business," at the clubhouse TV during the congressional hearings on steroids, then abruptly turning it off while two of his teammates were watching. Vintage Hawkins.

Umm hmm.

here's mine. I was there, I saw it, it may not just be my Sports Moment of 2005, but of all-time. I almost missed it because my dad did not want to go to the ceremony, because his knee hurt him too badly, and I was going to stay with him, but instead said WTF and went anyway. Good move of the year.

Ryno stepped up big. What PROBABLY happened is that some right-wing faction of the Hall Of Fame wrote the speech for him, and he's too gullible to refuse. But his name will forever be associated as the impetus for cleaning up the game.

My guy.