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Friday, December 2

It's winter outside, but Summer in here

I figure that the Rafael Furcal matter (heh. He said 'furcal matter'), where supposedly the Braves are showing new interest, and the Dodgers are in on it, is all just posturing to hold us up for more money. So it appears it will take MORE than Ten Million $$$ American a year to sign this pud up. Many of you have balked, while Ivy Chat Chuck correctly opines that this is just the cost of NOT getting Miggy Tejada two years ago when we had the chance. Call it a "Bozo Tax" if you will.

We may not win it WITH him, but I guarantee that we WON'T win it without him.

I will cap off this abbreviated post today with the sad news that Summer Sanders, former olympian and current TV talking head, has fallen off of her perch as "Hottest Summer on Earth". This here is Summer Altice, a reeel tall drink-o-water who supposedly played volleyball, and who just happened to be all over the copy of Maxim I found last night lying in my son's bedroom. All the damn pages were wrinkled and crumpled, and (dare I say it?)...nah.

Here's a better look at her.

Hope you put your Benjies on the Packers this weekend. You can buy me a sody pop next time you see me.