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Thursday, December 22

I told you I'd cut in when something big happened....

...but, grotesquely overpaying for Jock Jones ain't what I call Big.

Well, it is big, it's Bad Big. It's wiping your ass with a roll of million dollar bills. Shit, I'd rather see Corey playing right, just for the one in a thousand chance that he would somehow redeem himself and become the impact player Hendry and the rest of the front office always told us he would become. That way, it would be one of our own. That WOULD be exciting.

Shit, even if Jones woke up all of a sudden, big whoop. Derrek Lee had one of the finest years ever by a Cub, and while he has earned my respect, the feat did not transcend the fact that the team sucked goat milk.

I did see Jacque Jones once at the HippoDome put on a display in BP. He then commenced in striking out twice in the real game before actually winning the game with a double. I had a nagging feeling about the guy then; I'm not entirely surprised now that he's here. I just hope he pans out better than the last free agent heist from the Twins. ================>