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Tuesday, September 20


Mustang Ranch Game

Today's topic is the Mustang Ranch Game, in which you, the contestant, must put yourself in the following situation: You're a regular customer at the Mustang Ranch, since you lack for feminine companionship. (Shouldn't be too hard for some of us). Every time you come, this is who is sitting in the parlor, waiting for your call. So, out of 100 visits to the Ranch, how many times do you choose to take the following upstairs? Unfortunately, house rules prohibit two-fers, etc.

We'll do the first one together, shall we?

OK, out of 100 trips to the house, I would bring Miranda up 90 times, for a rating of 90%. I would do Sam 7 times, for 7%, Charlotte 3%, and Carrie gets to sit her shoe-buying ass on the settee, for 0%

Got it? Good. Let's do some others, shall we?

Rachel 98%
Phoebe 2%
Monica 0%

Valerie 83%
Kelly 14%
Donna 0%
Brenda 3%
Steve 0% (but thanks for playing, anyway)

Cady 45%
Regina 25%
Gretchen 20%
Karen 10% (gotta try them psychic tits that can predict rain)

Paris 0%
Nicole 0%
The rat dog 100%

Donna 92%
Jackie 7%
Fez 1%

Sorry, Topher. I know you want me. Yer not my type.

And, finally,

Mad Dog 0%
Prior 0%
Z 0%
Kerrie Wood 100%