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Wednesday, September 21

This is ALL you need to know...

...about the 2005 season.

Down 4-2, Corey Patterson (of all people) gets a double to lead off the seventh. Barrett walks, and although he was trying to bunt, Ryan Theriot walks on four straight balls. So that's bases juiced, no outs, top of your order up.

The first ball thrown to Neifi Perez is a ball. Now, any of you who even played a year of little league, what do YOU do next?

Well, Neifi SWUNG at the next pitch, which was six inches inside, it shattered his bat, and they got the force at the plate.

Bases loaded, one out, and you're Mr. Fundamentals, Mr. All About the Team. What do YOU do?

Well, Walker SWUNG at the first pitch, and popped it up just behind the infield.

Bases loaded, two outs, and you're Mr. MVP, all you need is a base hit, and considering you've already struck out THREE times today (against a lefty, no less?), aren't you trying just to make contact?

Well, Lee struck out again, trying to smack the ball off of the roof. No runs, three left on. Cubs go on to lose by two.

Whose fault is this? Well, certainly the players all took a brain vacation that inning. It also could be construed to be Dusty's fault for 1) continually running Neifi out there, like he was a Great player, when he does so many things wrong at the plate, and 2) not taking Lee out of there sooner, when it was clear that SOMETHING was bothering him last night. Could you also blame the so-called Hitting Coach, Gene Clines, or the former hitting coach, Sarge, Senior? After all, what IS their purpose in life? To remind the hitters of their approach at the plate?

The Cubs just suck, and after I asserted a few weeks ago that the Cubs should keep Walker (and so many of you disagreed), I've been watching him closely.

I was wrong, you are right, he isn't worth the money it will take to resign him, especially when you consider that possibly Ronny Cedeno is ready to take the spot.