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Monday, September 26

Reverse Karma

Reverse Karma done kicked my ass this weekend.

I went out of my way to lick Fat Roger's ass, and he pulls out of Saturday's game.

I said the Sux were on fire and dive-bombing into oblivion, and they win three in a row.

I said the Bears were improved, and Kyle Orton hears a Who?

The only thing I have said that was RIGHT the last couple of weeks was the fact that the Cubs are STILL two games below .500. What is the moral to this story, kids? Yes, stick to what you know, and shut yer yap about shit that you don't.

Wait until next year.

In my mind, the most pivotal question of this offseason pertains to Nomar Garciaparra, former First Ballot Hall-of-Famer. The choices read off like a psychotic multiple-choice question from the SAT from Hell:

1) Cut your losses with him. He's only hitting well in a desperate effort to build free-agent value.

2) He's finally healthy, but who knows how long THIS will last? Don't be fooled again.

3) He's finally healthy, and he deserves another shot at shortstop next year, if he'll agree to another one-year deal with incentives. Let Cedeno play second.

4) He not only hits, but hits for power, and his problems are behind him. He hits well enough to hold down a corner outfield position. Ask him to play left next year, Cedeno can play short, Neifi (ugh!) can play second, and Murton can be the fourth outfielder.

5) See if he'll play second.

6 thru infinity) Ask your own question about Nomar.

The key acquisition this winter will be finding a true leadoff man/table setter/run scorer. But as with last year and SamMe, the Nomar question will be the deciding factor on the direction Hendry takes.

Once again, go out in your backyards, and bury a St. Joseph statue, along with a half-dozen Krispy Kremes, and pray for a miracle, that Hendry makes the right moves this off season.