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Thursday, September 29


What has been most depressing about the baseball season that just was, is that unlike, say, 1999, when the team had seven holes to fill, this year we had just a couple. We needed a leadoff man, a power hitting left fielder, and someone to fill out the lineup card correctly, and manage the bullpen.

That's 3 holes, which in Cub history, is relatively good. It makes it EZ enough for people such as myself to come up with reasonable, feasible answers to the questions, and I spent the whole year wondering WHY in the name of our sweet bleedin' Lord couldn't Hendry figure it out, too?

Well, fuck him, fuck them, and fuck everything Cubby blue.

This site will for the immediate future concern itself primarily on University of Illinois basketball, some Illinois high school football, my tendency not to suffer fools kindly, and who I saw on the telly box that makes me want to lock myself in the bathroom with a big jar of vaseline. Like little Adrienne Lima here, who has been on the back of the magazine that has been sitting in my upstairs bathroom for three days, her and her shiny Maybelline lip gloss.

Keep comin' back, because when they finally decide to fire the tax-cheatin' stoner, we're gonna roar back with a vengeance...