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Friday, September 9

One thing is for certain

Well, no sooner do I put down in print that the Sux are going to win big this year, than they get shut out by the Royals...sheesh. I won't say anything else about that.

Just like when I say that perhaps the Cubs are looking better....never mind.

In the last few days, there's been a lot written and said about next year. Sure, OK, we're Cub fans - that's what we do. People setting up their dream batting orders, their "likely" batting orders, do we keep Walker, do we keep Nomar, do we keep Burnitz, do we play the kids, or do we get so many free agents that the team is Dusty-proof? If you're going to keep the lummox, you might as well fuck the kids, and sign Nomar, Walker, Burnitz, get a couple more mediocre Rent-a-players like Preston Wilson to play left and center, so he can spend the entire winter making out the opening day lineup, and stick with it all year.

It's another big offseason on the north side, and once again we wait to see if Hendry plans to go young, or spend the money to try to buy a pennant, or what usually happens, some form of middle-of-the-road.

You can choose not to care about what I have to say, for I swore on my own life that we would be nothing this year if we didn't get rid of SamMe Sofa. Well, we did, and he HAS sucked the big dick this year, but we're still nothing. So what do I know? We weren't gonna win with him, but we're not winning without him.

But one thing is clear in my eyes. Nobody could possibly be as bad as Corey Patterson is right now. He had a productive first half in 2003, and even though his stats were somewhat hollow last year, he was far better than he is now. I'm not saying that he is tanking it...what possbile motivation could he have? But it is obvious that he is completely, almost irretrievably fucked up. You can give him playing time to get himself untracked, put him in spots in the batting order where he can see better pitches, and he's been killing us all year.

At this pace, next year, he may not catch a ball, hit a ball, or make a single throw. He obviously can't play for Dusty Baker, so a choice must be made by Hendry.

The room isn't big enough for the two of them. If this were the WWE, simple: let them wrassle in a Texas Cage, loser must leave town. But in this game, the wrasslin' is being done in Jim Hendry's sugar-soaked mind. One fall, 3 month time limit, no holds barred.