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Thursday, September 22

The Grand All-Majestic Five is done!

I do not care to comment about the Choking Dogs on the South Side, nor the Puking Dogs on the North.

Today I wish to announce two additions to the Sloth internet empire:

First, on the left, you will notice that the Grand All-Majestic Five has a permanent home. I could have done this all along, but its not often that enough blood drains out of my dick, and into my head, for me to be able to think about it deeply.

Next, you will also note the link to something called the NISB, or the Northern Illinois Sports Beat. The city and suburban High Schools in Illinois are covered by the big city dailies, and this kid, Cody a/k/a #35, is doing something to spread some love for the North Central region, the eight-one-five as I call it. I'm going to help him out.

First thing, is get him to change his color schemes...eech!