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Tuesday, September 6

For Brian and Thorn

Maria Menouonos IS hard news....

I don't have any proof that Bush and the Saudis are in cahoots to take over the world, by artifically raising oil prices, and that an effective first step in creating the type of chaos necessary for the type of unilateral actions that Bush pulled off to cause the oil prices to soar would be to hire paid mercenaries to murder our own citizens.

It's pretty goddamned far fetched, to tell the truth.

But it makes more sense than to believe, with NO hard proof, that Saddam had anything to do with it. Couldn't we have looked into Saudi Arabia FIRST, before laying waste to Iraq, where we currently sit, like a fat goose, indefinitely, while the very people we purport to liberate chafe and fight against us at every turn?

I'm just saying, we've looked, and we're continuing to look, in the wrong places for justice for 9/11. Where IS the head of Osama Bin Laden?

Can we agree on that?

Can we also agree that Dusty Baker cannot do simple manager things, like fill out a lineup card?

Is that cool with you, too?

I'll back off of the "Bush murdering his own citizens" if you guys back....

...never mind.

And Thorn, hey? Call me a tree-hugger, huh? Who has a fucking arboretum in his backyard, huh? And don't tell me it's the wife's, I know you are in on it, too....