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Thursday, September 1

...but I AM still taking my meds!

Like my new pair of Nike "Keep Moving"s? They're the very LATEST in minimalist shoe fashion, but I didn't buy them so much for the cutting edge look, but they were the only shoes I could afford, after I filled my tank for the second time this week. Once again, thanks, President Bush. Fucking fearmonkey.

I really lost it yesterday on desipio's message board. I'm even more depressed today than I was after 9/11. Hell, then, I knew that someone else was to blame, and my main concern was just how many toes we would step on in our push for "justice", and of course, I wasn't surprised at what happened next. This one, we have nobody to blame.

Who builds a city under sea level, on a coast, where a hurricane can getcha? The looting, violence, etc. doesn't surprise me in the least, either. "There ain't nothing more lazy or shiftless than a souther ni--er." Well, they haven't done much the last few days to refute this notion. But this is precisely what is depressing me today: which came first? Were these people really BORN this way, with the predisposition to be nothing but useless, lazy, lawless human maggots? Or, what's more likely, are they a product of generations of systematic institutional neglect and criminal abuse; to the point that all hope is lost, and the motivation doesn't exist for one to help his ownself?

That's what really hurts today...what if I were in their shoes? I'd like to say that, first of all, I'd NEVER live in the Deep South, that I'm just not cut out for it. And if I did, I woulda have had my family on the road. But what if my wife decided in some womanly fit that she couldn't leave her home behind? What would I do? And what if I were too poor to load up the Tahoe for drier land?

I'm not one brimming with a whole lot of the substance called "hope" to begin with, but what if I had NONE, like the folks down there? How easy would it be for me to jump off of the upper deck? The thought scares the fuck out of me.

Well, speaking of no hope, nobody got traded off of the Cubs last night. Since Neifi Perez didn't clear waivers (?!?) and since he's, like, Dusty's best friend, anyway, we're stuck having to watch him go through the motions this month. Ditto Jose Macias, although I think he cleared waivers. He ain't going anyplace. You'll see Z and Maddux and Prior take their turns.

I'm not sure what purpose in life Hairston and Rusch and Patterson and, yes, even the Great Nomar serve right now. None of these guys figure in next year's plan. But then again, I'm not sure who we could have gotten at this point in time that would help us next year. Anyone who has a decent leadoff hitter, decent reliever or decent starter is either in a pennant race, or holding on to their own valuable pieces for next year.

There really isn't going to be a lot I can say about the club for the next month. If the kids play, then I'll at least have THAT to hang on to. If the kids don't play, then this month will be a complete and total waste, and since it appears that the manager's job is Dusty's, if he wants it for next year, what would be the point in watching?