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Thursday, June 30

Why don't you go to more games?

I do sympathize for you CBA bloggers from outside the area, but truth is, I don't really live that close to the old yard myself. Yes, I live in North Central Illinois, and if you're from, say, Scotland, it doesn't look THAT far on the ol' map from Chicago. Let me give you yesterday's agenda/log, and see for yourself.

7:45 - Leave home in gigantic SUV with my family
9:05 - arrive at Aurora Metra station, drop family off at curb, try to find parking space
9:15 - meet family at curb, sweating profusely, gasping for air
9:20 - train leaves station (we're on it)
10:45 - train arrives at Union Station, Chicago
10:55 - board trolley for short ride to Red Line station (yes, some of you are now thinking "fat-ass! Fuckin' WALK!!" Yes, yes, but I had my mother-in-law, she ain't walkin'.
11:05 - exit trolley mere steps from subway hole
11:25 - finally get on an EL-Train that wasn't crammed to the top with Cub fans
11:50 - step off of train at Addison, for the short walk to Wrigley

OK, that's 4 hours, door-to-door. I could have driven the whole way in, and tried to find a place to park my wife's mega-SUV, in probably 3. And, I'd probably be postal-quality agitated by this time, thus ruining everyone else's day. Trust me, this is tried and true. The extra hour is worth it.

Of course, the game was wonderful. Wood looked great, the last pitch he threw, to Overbay, I believe, was just a thing of beauty, there was a vibe throughout the game that said we were going to win, no matter what, and lo and behold, they did, they walked off, and we didn't have to sit through any Bonus Baseball, which I abhor.

This grand feeling lasted for all of 22 hours, or until Maddux gave up 5 runs to start the game today.

But, anyway, 6 to 8 hours, round trip. I really DON'T live that close to Wrigley, in fact, I may live further than many of you from Wisconsin, Michigan, or Indiana. I had NO idea Illinois was such a big place when I first moved to CornHole.

Trips to the yard are still special to me, even though I've been there hundreds of times. It's even more special when you don't mind being smashed against the person next to you.

Even if she has flees.

Just kidding, honey.