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Thursday, June 9

Whazzup? nm

Big hearty ups go to kidcub/Moran for the link to young Elin, who bills herself as the Hottest Chick in Scandanavia.

Many minutes of enjoyment, may not be safe for work. I was shocked (shocked, I say) that my office's new pooper snooper software didn't block out young Elin's charms. She recently posed in something in Sweden called "Slitz", which strangely enough seems to be non-porn. even say 'slits' here, you get called into an office with a door for a talk.

Maybe Sergio MeatTray left Lindsay Lohan for Elin? Good trade...I've heard it suggested that old Fez somehow corrupted poor young Lindsay, and then threw her aside, and that's why she seems to be on a substance-greased skid into Hades. Anyone think that maybe SHE was the cokehound all along, and that's why HE ran away screaming from what was the hottest starlet in Hollywood at the time? I guess that's what I prefer to think...being a dude, and all.