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Friday, June 10

Overblown, overrated, overhyped, overall

For the so-called "concerned parents" of the Alabama blond teen missing in Aruba, because she stayed out half the night at the bars and picked up some true losers, eat shit and die. No, really, I mean it.

Anyway, Cub fans - I'm all for us knowing our history, and I realize that this is the first time Cubs v. BoSox in Wrigley has happened. But, hey, the other day, my wife said that "I was right" about something. That's the first time that's ever happened, too. But nobody paid 20 times the face value to see that. Kathy and Judy weren't there for a special pre-pre-game show. Drew didn't write me about MY major first...

I don't get it. I never understood the whole hoo-haa when the Yankees were in town. Shit, this series doesn't mean any more than our recent series with the Rocks. We could sweep these mopes, and if St. Louis also wins all three this weekend, it means shit. The series with the White Sux mean something to the citizens of the Chicago area, because their fuckhead neighbor or their shitslick brother-in-law is a fan of the other team. And yeah, the hypersensitive Sux PR department makes a big-ass deal out of it, because it's the only series all year that they sell out their oversized ballpark on. But as far as our competitive standing goes, it doesn't mean one ounce more than any other non-divisional game. It's just one game.

But good God almighty, you'd think the Super Bowl was being played this weekend, three times even, in beeeyouuutifulll Wrigley Stadium (right, Jeff Gordon? Faggot...)

Get a grip, people. Cubs vs. RedSox...don't mean shit to me, and I truly believe it shouldn't get your panties in a twist, either