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Wednesday, June 15

OK, just to show you all that I CAN be serious

Dear Wondering,

No, I don't do this for shock value alone.

For those of you who haven't read my comments lately, I received this at the bottom of my Jacko rant:

You know, a lot of what you say offends me on a surface level, and I never comment because I'm just reading your site and some others as a relatively new baseball fan, and not for your opinions on gender politics. I rather feel like a girl in the boy's locker room, and I'm generally happy to keep my peace. Suffice to say, if I paid attention, and responded, I'd attract more negative attention than Carlosz No 1 Fan -- but, really, I'm curious:

Are you of the opinion that an 18 year old woman who hooks up with a guy on vacation deserves to die? Or that her parents are wrong for trying to find out what happened to her? I'm heard of neanderthals suggesting that a woman might deserve to be raped, but the murder angle is new to me. - Wondering

My honest answer is this, Wondering:

No. There aren't a whole lot of people who deserve to die. That being said, in the past year, I have been branded a "liberal" by a lot of lockjaw right-wingers because I don't believe in Bush's Oil War, and that I would rather cut off my nose (by voting for Kerry) than give that illiterate fuckstick another four years to fuck up whatever goodwill we have built up in 225+ years of existence.

Which is real funny, because I believe quite strongly in capital punishment. I think the guy who killed his daughter and her friend on Mother's Day in Zion (allegedly, right, Stew?) deserves to take the Big Sleep if found guilty. So should the trio of bitches who in this area in the past year starved to death three helpless people (a baby, a teen with CP, and an adult with profound problems) who were in their care.

People deserve to die.

And, there are people that deserve our sympathy. Lots of them. Everyday in the news there are people who deserve our prayers. Just on the front page of today's Tribune, a 50 year old man was shot dead while he sat on his porch. A nun who was crossing the street last month and was run over died last night. They, and their families, get my sympathy.

Then there are those who, frankly, aren't gonna get mine. The parents of the 4 year old who died of fright after they took him on a adult Disney ride? Morons. How about the 17 year old who was shot by police (allegedly) during a botched drug bust? No, sorry.

I don't know what the legal age to be in a bar in Aruba is...but you can bet that the Alabama chick and her friends PICKED that place for their trip because of their ability to frequent such places. There's a reason why we don't let 17 year olds drink in bars in this country - because THEY CAN'T HANDLE IT!! Anyone involved with this trip, from the students to their parents, were playing with fire. And they got burned.

No, she doesn't deserve to die. But she SURE as fuck doesn't deserve my sympathy, either.

And if you can't discern the difference, then probably its not a good idea to read this blog.