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Tuesday, June 14

Is this the end of the world?

I say no, and here’s why:

To me, there were three pertinent questions about the Michael Jackson trial:

1) Did he commit felonies that demand punishment?
2) Since he is out, is he a menace to society?
3) Was there a self-serving interest in the jury’s decision?

I think most of us agree that the first question is the most important – unfortunately, we will never know the answer to this one. Rich people can hire the best lawyers, and their strategy is always the same – draw out the trial, and confuse the jury so bad that they are humanly unable to digest all the information, thus unable to render a clear verdict of guilt. It worked for OJ, it’s been tried and true for thousands of celebrities for years, and to what should be nobody’s surprise, Michael Jackson walks free today.

The second question, I’ll answer for ya right now: Jacko is not a menace to society, unless you want to count his bad albums and worse videos. Look, if a grown man breaks down in tears, begging you to let him sleep with his child, there is only ONE correct answer. The kid’s mom is a gold-digger, flat out. SHE’S the one that ought to be on trial.

The last question? Put yourself in their shoes for a second. You have just pissed away four months of your life on this trial. You want something for it, right? Book and movie rights, maybe a whirlwind tour of the AM talk shows? Now, what if you put Jacko away? I would be afraid that anything I would say afterwards may be used to discredit my decision, and possibly cause the verdict to be overturned. But if you let him go free, hell, say what you want. What’s it gonna hurt?

Oh, before I go today…Jim Hendry? Are you there? Did last night ring a bell? It’s downright EXHAUSTING dealing with the Florida Marlins and Pierre and Castillo. Those two get on base, steal, hit-n-run, score, and no sooner have you caught your breath then they’re on deck again, to cause more shit.

Wouldn’t it be nice if WE could do the same thing?? Maybe Walker is the second piece of this puzzle…for sure, Neifi, Corey, Hairy, and the rest of ‘em aren’t the first piece. There is very little I would hold back in a bid for a player that can get on base, run the bases, and cause this kind of havoc for the other team. This point CANNOT be over-emphasized. The only times we have ever won anything (Dernier & Sandberg, Walton and Sandberg, Lofton and Grud) was with that Daily Double at the top. It means FAR more than just the numbers. It makes the opponent have to sweat that much harder.