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Wednesday, June 15

The Iron Shef

I think it might have been in Andy's sandbox where I listed out the Top Three Guys I Would Not Fuck With in MLB, and here is the list in its entirety:

1. The Very Angry Milton Bradley
2. Z
3. The Iron Shef

My apologies to Jose Guillen, Carl Everett, Julio Lugo and several other felons.

I don't think it will happen, and even if it did, it wouldn't be a complete cure as to what ails us. The Cubs would still need a Juan Pierre-esque figure.

But rumors are still smouldering about the Steingrabber shuffling his deck, and trying to bilk the Cubs out of Corey Patterson, Sergio aka Fez aka Meat Tray, and a major league level reliever, be it Wellemeyer, Remlinger, Leicester...anyone except Borowski, who sucks, in return for Gary (I've never had less than a .400 OBP) Sheffield. Yep, the man has had issues before, and will probably have them again. Why else would the Yankees even mention trading him.

Let me be on record in saying that I would love the hell out of it! Let's see the AssTrolls and Deadbirds try to out-gut us with Z, the Iron Shef, and Barrett the Red-ass catcher on our side.

Mitre will NEVER have higher trade value than he does now. I have heard him compared to the 2002 Zambrano. He feels more like the 1987 Steve Trout to me. We have literally four or five guys renting apartments in Jackson, TN and DesMoines, Iowa right now that would be in the rotation on other teams. Rich Hall, Bobby Brownlie, Jerome Williams, Ricky Nolasco, Reynel Mitre is not going to leave a gaping, unfillable hole for us, and if he can be the key to a trade that will bring us an Iron Shef, while giving Korey the change of scenery he so desperately requires...'s all good.