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Tuesday, June 28

I anticipate problems here...

Reports are that little Canadian punk-rocker-wannabe Avril Lavigne is going to marry little Canadian punk-rocker-wannabe Deryck Whibley from Sum 41.

And you thought Derrek Lee's parents were fucked up when they named HIM.

Which leads to my question: when they breed, what, in the Fuck, are they gonna name THEIR kids?

I can just see it ten years from now, on VH2, "Beyond The Music - Avril Lavigne Whibley"...she'll still be 4 foot 10, of course, but she'll be 5 feet across, after punching out 2 girls Caitlyn and Jennifer (Khaitlinne and Gyenifurr) and 1 son Gary (Gharrie). She had to drop out of the business prior to her last pregnacy, due to the stress of how to spell the name of her impending child.