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Thursday, April 21

Run, don't walk, to CubsFun

As you know, the other day, I slaved over the hot keyboard for hours to update the ever-growing list of CubsCentric sites. Yesterday, I decided to take a little journey to visit them all.

I always wondered where fun little things like the "Romy and Michelle" knockoff at yer left, the "Dusty Baker Managerial Dice", and other such things came from? Are they being prepared in some heavily fortified bunker somewhere in the Phillipines?

In fact, yes. Run, don't walk, to CubsFun, the single greatest source of Cubs-related satirical imagery in the entire Milky Way galaxy. Joel and kjk know the Cubs, and they know photo editing, and if they're dorks, they're savagely funny dorks.

Like I was telling Tommy this morning, we all in Chicago drew names out of a hat, and I drew Sunday afternoon as my shift to massage Nomar's sore groin. Injuries are the single biggest factor behind sucky seasons, and our Imported from Boston middle infield is out for at least the next month.

Great...Neifi has used up his entire quotient of base hits for the year, Hairston is every bit as mediocre as advertised, and at this point, I'd rather have Wee Man on the team than Macias. This is gonna make the Seige of Stalingrad look like a short wait at a double-laned McD's drive thru.