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Saturday, April 2

Real Young stuff alert

Sitting on my ass today, just saving my seat for the Illini, and "My Dog Skip" comes on, and Frankie Muniz looked really young in it...and I wondered, whatever happened to the cute little girl, Rivers, from the movie?

Well, her name is Caitlin Wachs, and she's been (guess where?) The WB, home of starlets everywhere. She hasn't had much luck after "Skip", but she was in something called "Kids of America" which features Julie Bowen as a high-school principal run amok. Gonna have to grab me a big tub of popcorn with xxtra greezy butter, and check that one out.

Turns out, she just turned 16, so its a couple of years before I can start describing her assets in the glowing terms for which I am known. But consider yourself told.