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Wednesday, April 13

Queer Eye on the NFL

I guess the furor over steroids has died down, and ESPN, SI, or someone else conducted a poll designed to show today's viewing public and their attitudes about accepting gay athletes. More people would accept a gay shortstop now than would have in 1995, etc.

Anyway, this has led to the usual sniggering and small talk between radio and teevee fucks, and today I heard John Jurkovic a/k/a Jurko, erstwhile NFL defensive tackle, talk show host and onetime roommate of Esera Tuaolo, fudgePacker, mention the fact that, recently, a couple of NFL split ends (pun intended, wheeeee) were at the end of the line, and were ready to "come out" as players, but they decided to retire instead.

So I'm racking my wee humble Andre Rison has gotta be out of the picture, huh? Curtis Conway still takes snaps, right? How about Tim Brown? Would Heisman Timmy go deep for ya? Who else might it be? Who else, besides Piazza, Pudge, and Brady Anderson, smokes da pole?