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Tuesday, April 12

Mini-poll update

In Tha Battle of Da Jailbait, everyone gettin' some love EXCEPT the Olsen Twins. Fine taste, y'all, fine gone withcha, skeezy crack hoes!!

Yesterday, Raven and her big-ol' juggalos was winning the race. Right now, the leader in the clubhouse is...Amanda Bynes?!?

Well, good for her. She's kept it real (read: wholesome), I haven't heard about her cat-fighting over boy-band singers or other such trash, and them legs go all the way up to her lunch box...stay fresher, longer.

For no reason at all, I've got the Duff sisters up today. Lookee at that 'fuckme' face on older sis Haylie. I sure could go for a thick, juicee Sloth sammich between two slices of Duff. Young Hill, she's still so baby-fat cute, I bet she doesn't swallow, probably won't even let ya bust in her face. Why should she...she's gorgeous?? But that sister of hers, I imagine she's a ballhog. Probably push Hill out of the way just to catch the whole show. Ungh!!