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Monday, April 4

It's a completely overwhelming day

We can talk dead reclining popes, we can talk opening day rosters for the Cubs, or on how it appears that Kerry Wood is good to go, or that quite possibly, Mark Prior is not. We can talk about the Fighting Illini, who have gone where no Illini have gone before. We can discuss the ridiculousness that is Ryne Sandberg, wearing a helmet and firesuit, guiding a stockcar for a NASCAR commercial. We can discuss how Vegas and society at large is favoring UNC tonight. We could discuss the pile of moolah I made betting the under Saturday night, or how I spent same pile on something as mundane as drywall.

What I think I'm going to bitch about today is the WGN commercials for the Cubs' season opener, which features their "New Look" lineup.

1. CF Corey Patterson L
2. 2B Todd Walker L
3. SS Nomar Garciaparra R
4. 3B Aramis Ramirez R
5. RF Jeromy Burnitz L
6. 1B Derrek Lee R
7. LF Todd Hollandsworth L
8. C Michael Barrett R
9. RHP Carlos Zambrano S

Now, as you all know, I'd much rather see Jerry Hairston playing left, batting leadoff, with Corey batting seventh. But, other than Burnitz in right field, the other eight men in this lineup were on the team last year. I guess the "new look" means "without Sammy". To me, "new look" means "rebuilding", and I don't even want to think that we are even Remotely Close to being in rebuild mode. I want this team to win, early, often, by scoring runs. "New Look" lineups don't score a lot of runs. "New Look" lineups don't make $5MM per man on average.

I don't like the vibe I'm getting from the Ramirez negotiations, either. Look, in the 32 years since we traded Ron Santo, we've had a real third baseman maybe 5 entire seasons since that time, and 1 1/2 of those were Ramirez. Quit fuckin' around, and get this guy in line!! Never mind, 4/44, player opt-out after 2006, 2009 year mutual option. Get 'er Done!