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Thursday, April 21

In like Lions, out like Lambs

Doctors have confirmed that Nomar is quite profoundly injured, and I wonder what effect that had on the team today? They all sure looked like they were in mourning, for they made Chris Carpenter look like the 1998 version of Greg Maddux today.

Zambrano's Dad or someone else like that reminds us all that the very talented and limber Maria Sharapova is now legal tender in all 50 states and pretty much every country in the universe. Would I? fact, I think I would insist that she be on top for the first, say, 50 times. For sure her abdominal muscles are far more attractive than mine, so it is only proper that we would position ourselves so that her best features would be most prominent.

Happy Birthday, Maria, from the Uncouth Sloth!! zdorov'ya!