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Monday, April 11

Holla if yer from Upstate New York

I'm not even going to discuss LaTroy Hawkins today. I'm just not gonna touch it. Baker has twelve guys on his pitching staff, and the one I KNOW can't cut it in the ninth is the same one he's running out there now. I don't fucking CARE if he can throw a ball through a cinderblock wall. It isn't Hawkins' fault...what's he supposed to do? Refuse to go out there?

Today, I'm asking assistance from anyone who is: a native of Cooperstown, or is familiar with the area. My dad, brother, and I are going to see Ryno get his on July 31st. We are planning on arriving in town on the 30th, and leaving on the 1st.

I have 2 hotel reservations made right now: a Marriott in Ithaca, and a Mohican motel in Cooperstown itself. We're talking the same money, either way, but sure I'd like to stay in town at the Mohican, unless of course it is a roach palace. Anybody want to let me know, or send me any other suggestions?

I don't mean to turn this into an on-line version of the Wally Phillips Show (people helping people, that's whaaat this is all about) but I figured, hey, toss this out there...

thank you.