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Friday, April 22

Have a tight weekend

My gift to you: IMHO, the single funniest thing ever written. An early-80s Lampoon classic, that got made into a shitty movie.

If you don't like it, I'm gonna sic my team of Mexican Mall Lawyers after ya...they're fiesty, and they'll kill their brothers for the last Kit-Kat bar.

Thanks to the splurgitude of one Mike D., (a different Mike D. than the one on the left), anyhoo me, him, Oleg the short Russian guy, and Ivy Chat Chuck-o-San will be attending Prior's third start on Sunday. The last time I was supposed to hang, we got last winter's only snowstorm. We WILL probably Fight for our Right to Party, somewhat, and somewhere along the way we hope Corey gives us a big FYC! Fuck YOOOOU Chuck, right in the boca