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Wednesday, April 20

Hash Wednesday on 4/20


Looks like it's not gonna be so hot outside for the loyalists who point to this day
as the day for settlin' back with a couple o' shrubs.

The original Hash Wednesday was conceived at my alma mater, the basketball powerhouse in the cornfields. Of course, I happened to attend at quite possibly the most conservative point in our history. Even the feminists and gay-rights activists were Republicans down there.

My take on Hash Wednesday? OVER-RATED! Clap-clap clapclapclap!

My first one, I was scared for all the folks just casually sittin'-n-hittin' on the grass in the Quad. Surely they were worried about expulsion? Well, it turns out that 2/3rds of the stoners there weren't even students, and most of them that were, were of the "never leaves his room, never goes to class, but somehow is making slow but sure progress towards graduation, how?" variety. There were quick visits by frat boys, making a big show of congregating, lighting up, and dispersing just as quickly.

Me and my roommate, we weren't of the persuasion, so we brought a cooler of beer to enjoy the spectacle. We felt UTTERLY out of place.

But one thing I did notice, nobody got shackled and led away in irons. So the next year, armed with new roommates, I was ready.

We showed up bright-n-early armed with brews, Subways, and a cellophaned frisbee full of herbage. We smoked up, and while still seated in a semi-circle, started whipping the frisbee at one another.

After a while, I thought I was a subway sammich, and I stumbled down Green Street to be with my own kind. After liberating 3 or 4 of my brothers from their internment at the store, I wandered back to find most of my friends had gone to the bars. I left the sammiches there, and eventually made my way home, and immediately upon entering my hovel, completely sobered up. It stunk in there THAT bad.

Lame? Yes, completely. I hope your Hash Wednesday is a bit more fun!