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Wednesday, April 20


Note: this particular entry is chock-full with references to things that happen on the Desipio Message Board, so if you are not a member to that board, then whuttahell ya waiting fur, get over there now and get crackin'

...and if you go there, you will see the same damn picture of Corey Patterson, but my God, that was purty.

See, 'C' stands for Chuck, who as you know hates him some Corey muchly. I have stood in disagreement to him, to a certain extent, because I believe that 1) if our expectations weren't grossly inflated in the first place, and 2) if he was being used according to what skills he has in the second, he would be quite the nice little package for us.

If you've never Desipio'ed, then you've never taken part in "Andy's Live GameCast", where he throws open the comment option during a game, and 12-15 morans type pseudo-witticisms, either under their own handles, or as someone else. For example, I have the option to spew shit as 'Sloth'. But I could just as easily bill myself as 'Corncob Cindy', and pretend I'm giving an oily handjob to Davey Martinez.

The payoff, though, is that whenever Corey swings from his ass and misses by six feet, or overthrows his cutoff man, Chuck will pipe up as himself in effect to say "Told Ya So". But during those glorious times when CoPa (ha) will jack one onto Sheffield, or lay down a sweet bunt, twelve guys will disguise themselves as "Corey P" and simply say "FUCK YOU CHUCK!"

Anyway, to cap it off, and to give you another good reason to join up, a certain Cubs TV play-by-play man also subscribes to the board. So we're trying hard to convince him to say 'FYC' the next time Corey dongs.

So, anyway, to conclude, a towering drive in the top and two leaping catches against the wall in the bottom: was yesterday's first inning the Ultimate 'FYC' moment ever? I say so.