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Monday, April 4

Attention Deficit Disorder is for adults, too

The Illini are playing their most important sporting event ever

The Cubs are starting what could be The Season to Beat All Seasons

God's Representative on Earth is lying in state on an incline board in the Vatican

And what am I wrapped up with today?

Trying to beat that Goddamned All Look Same quiz.

You know the one, if you're a true waster of company time...the quiz where 18 young Asians are shown, and you have to guess whether each one was Korean, Japanese, or Chinese? The first time through, I scored 5 of 18, and was branded "hopeless". 7 is the average. Each time I took it, I did a little worse. I'm down to 2 now.

It'd help if they were holding a plate of food in front of them. I would know if they were holding a chicken almond ding, or some of that raw fish shit with the green paste, or a whole runny-assed plate of that six-year-old cabbage.

Fine, you little fuckers. I'll take a quiz that I know something about. All Look Same, North American Style. Simply pick whether or not the "person(s)" are American or Canadian.

So I score 5 of 10. I'm just fucking stupid, that and the NyQuil I swilled today.

So shoot me, the pop machine was all outa Fanta, so it was the only shit I could find that was Orange.

UPDATEMost of us were born too late: Oral Sex isn't really sex: Teens