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Wednesday, February 2

WOW, they want to.....sign Jeromy Burnitz?

Well, thank you for your kind wishes. It got even hairier. My wife woke up the night before the funeral with a sharp pain under her ribcage, and eventually we went to the hospital. They figured out pretty quickly that her gallbladder was shot, and they wanted to yank it, but she couldn't do it right then, you know. She had to go to her dad's funeral.

Well, we made it (barely) through the services, and as soon as she stepped into our new, semi-expensive SUV, she puked everywhere. She went back to the hospital, whereupon the gallbladder burst during removal. I think they kind of panicked, and shot her all full up with morphine. So they had to keep her overnight, and she just got home. I'm hoping the hysterics and drama ends right here.

So I've really only had one eye on the Sosa trade, and what appears to be an effort to bring the clumsy behemoth Jeromy Burnitz to the club. At this point in time, both are almost a done deal, so I will forego dancing on top of SamMe's Cub Grave for now.

I'm on record now of being against bringing in Burnitz, because it just doesn't feel right. I realize that this IS the number one place in all the world to read all about how "The Cubs Must Win Now", I still feel as strongly as ever about this. This club was constructed, from the manager on down, with a very fragile psyche and a critical mass of talent, to win in a small window, and that window is shutting in October. If they do not win this year, say g'day to Dusty, g'day to Nomar, who knows what to Ramirez, Zambrano, Prior, to list a few who are eligible to become Yankees in the next coupla years. Burnitz MAY hustle, and he MAY run into the ivory, right, Juan Pierre? But he WILL strike out a lot, he WILL leave men in scoring position, and he MAY run over someone else in the outfield, someone of more value, like Corey or DLee.

He can run a holyroller over Todd Walker, for all I care.

I don't think the Reds are going to send Austin Kearns over to us, and I'm not all that hopped up to have to face the Farns 18 times a year in a Reds uniform. (Is that Wilson guy still on the team? How would THAT work?). This is an odd year, and for less than 2 million, if they're stuck with Farns, I'm ok with that. But I'd be even happier if we could use him to pry Aubrey Huff away from Grampa Bay.

So would the Farns...he's made serious inroads over the years in the burgeoning Tampa/St. Pete stripper community. It's his second home!!