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Thursday, February 24

The Problem With Corey

He sees THESE numbers from Baseball Reference, and tells himself, "Yep, I'm a three hitter":

Similar Batters through Age 24

Reggie Smith (961)
Ruppert Jones (961)
Chili Davis (960)
Dwight Evans (957)
Rick Monday (954)
Jimmy Wynn (954)
Sixto Lezcano (952)
Dave Winfield (950) *
Andre Dawson (950)
Jose Guillen (950)

WOW! Andre Dawson!!

Well, this list is how BR thinks he's going to end up eventually:

Herb Perry (964)
Sam Jethroe (962)
Dick Kokos (960)
Milton Bradley (959)
Robert Fick (954)
Matt Mieske (953)
Shane Spencer (951)
Harry Anderson (946)
Jim Greengrass (945)
Johnny Rizzo (945)

If Corey doesn't get his head on straight, to start living in a world of realities rather than news clippings, he's going to end up catching it right in the Dick Kokos.