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Wednesday, February 16


Love Is In the Air, volume 2

Run, don't walk, to your nearest Macy's, because Mary Kay Letourneau and her young friend Vili (the Throwin' Samoan) are getting married, and items on their registry are going fast. Don't miss out on your chance to get these two lovebirds off to a good start to their married life!

Next question: why is Rachel McAdams the newest member of the Sloth's All Majestic Five?

Let me count the reasons:

1) She was the main smokin' hott "Mean Girl" in "Mean Girls"
2) She was the smokin' hot young love interest in "The Notebook"
3) She was the "hot chick" in "The Hot Chick" (see above)
4) She constricts the blood vessels in my groinal regions.

As an old drinking buddy said once, "I'd eat the shit out of her corn". Yep, that's what he said.

He also used to say things like these, every time shots were poured:

Here's to the breezes
That flows through the treezes
and blows the little girls skirts
above their kneezes
that exposes the spot
that makes us so hot
that pleezes
and teezes
and even spreads diseezes
Oh, Jeezus!
What A Snatch!!

Nutts, I love ya, man, and I miss ya. He ain't gone-gone, but, you know, he's the only one of us who still has time for such things as World Class Championship Barstool Riding...

Anyhoo, what the fuck does ANY of this have to do with this, one of the greatest of all days, right there with the Super Bowl, March Madness, and Calibration Day at Indy? Nothing, nothing at all.

It's just a great day, the first day without the big swollen Sosa, a team you can like and get behind, going after it for 2005!!

Go Cubs!!