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Monday, November 1

The Sloth's Presidential Endorsement - 2004

I am a centrist, in that I don't have any particular direction that I face.

I am for gun control. I am also for capital punishment. I am against abortion, but I am for sex education in the schools. I think the truly unfortunate of our nation needs to be taken care of, and I think they need to be taken care of first, before we take care of other unfortunates elsewhere. However, I don't think the burden for providing for these unfortunates should come out of the pockets of the middle class. I think it is perfectly fine to have "God" be part of the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools, as well as the Ten Commandments on display in whetever statehouse you may have.

For those of you who might find this incongruous, keep in mind that I don't find MY morality in what someone else TELLS me, but in my heart and in my relationship with God and man. If you can't understand this simple concept, then there's no way I'm going to get through to you, and come back tomorrow for more exciting Sammy bashing.

For the rest of you, my choice comes down to two simple statements:

1) George Bush invaded Iraq, against the wishes of the UN. He invaded Iraq without having ANY hard proof that Iraq had the ability to attack us, and without having ANY hard proof that Iraq had ANYTHING to do with 9/11. The UN said so, and if you can't trust the UN, you can't trust anything in this world. As a result, in an attempt to avenge 2,500 American lives, he has lost over 1,100. This is simply unacceptable.

2) George Bush is using Fear of Terrorism to run for a second term of office. He is thorougly and brazenly INSULTING MY INTELLIGENCE, and this is also unacceptable.

To me, the choice is this: if you want to have fear and distrust rule your life, if you really don't believe that the whole Iraq situation is about Big Oil making money, then I'm sure you think Dubya is protecting you, and go ahead and vote for him.

I don't agree with you, at all, and I'm voting for the other guy who has a chance to win. I don't agree with a lot of what John Kerry stands for, but I do know this: if he were President, he would not have invaded Iraq.

And, paradoxically, we MAY have better concentrated our efforts to catching OSAMA, and we MAY have his shit-stained ass by now.