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Thursday, November 11

No more Russian Bride solicitations for today

Yeah, I know its as fake as hell, but who knew that behind the Iron Curtain there lurked a land full of hotties who like to have their picture taken. No wonder they wanted to keep Yankee out!

No, today's Sloth Stiffo is brought to you by Omar Minaya, Jim Duquette, and everyone else in the Mets' front office, who are doing everything they can to bring in the Great Sammy Sosa. Wheee!! Yahoo!!!

It wouldn't be a bad deal (on paper) for the Mets, because every day would be Dominican Day at their landfill, and Sosa WILL bust his ass in New York. But, as I have said millions of times, I don't care if he hits 50 and drives in 120 over there. He just lacks the humility, the empathy, and the cooperative spirit that comprises the difference between a winner and a lifelong loser like Sosa.