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Tuesday, November 2

Help a Sloth in the early stages of Alzheimer's

This weekend, while I was driving somewhere, and I'm always driving somewhere, two names came to mind for research and possible inclusion to the "More Age Appropriate All-Majestic List". I'm sure you all understand how important this is.

One of the names, the one I remember, is Elisabeth Shue.

She may be on YOUR list, and God bless you. She doesn't make the All-Majestic.

I'll be damned if I haven't forgotten the other name.

I need YOUR help. Submit your late-twenties or thirty-something models/actresses/singers/other noteworthy babes, and hopefully one of you jogs my mammary...

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this pointless, strange exercise.

UPDATE: getting all the usual suspects (except for Connie Nielsen, never heard of her, and WHY haven't I? Strong..) Gina Gershon was NOT the name I had in mind, and although this was probably the most modest pose I saw out there of her, me likey lots: