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Friday, November 5

The Brawl 4 it all

Class 4A Playoffs here in Corn Hole: the 7-3 Corn Hole Trojans vs. the 9-1 Black Lung Coalers!!

Hey, it's a win/win for Big Daddy Sloth. Whether his alma mater wins, or his kid's team, he knows he's going to see SOMEONE play in the quarters for whom he owns a sweatshirt for...

Big times tomorrow, kids. Storefronts decorating, ribbons on the light poles, old dudes mowing the field by hand. The Sloth my own self will entertain a couple of classmates before the game with pork-n-beers at Main Street Saloon, then on to the gridiron. Can't wait! Love High School football...LOVE IT!!

I was convinced that the Coalers were going to hammer the Trojans, but the more I read and hear, this isn't going to go to a 'running clock'. It will be close, and competitive, and as exciting as a greco-roman wrestling match with Kristanna Loken