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Monday, November 8

Bear with me

I know you gotta be wondering why I of all peoples haven't said much about all the Sosa rumors:

Sosa 2 the Yankees for Kevin Brown
Sosa 2 the Mutts for Cliff Floyd
Sosa 2 the Dodgers for Shawn Green
Sosa 2 the Rockies in a three-ply trade involving Prestone Wilson
Sosa 2 the Orioles for Larry Bigbee and Jerry Hairston
Sosa 2 the Sux for William Ligue, Jr., his son, and a skinhead to be named later
Sosa 2 the NY Giants for Kurt Warner
Sosa 2 the Roush racing team for Greg Biffle and cash
Sosa 2 the WWE for the draft rights of Dwayne Johnson aka Rocky Flavia aka The Rock
Sosa 2 Balco for a bucket of warm spit
Sosa 2 Queer Eye 4 the Straight Guy for Jai Rodriguez

and, of course, my favorite:

Sosa 2 Vivid Video for TT Boy, Chasey Lain, and that chick that ran for Governor of California on the "no implants" platform.

But I'm just still too woozy and sleepy to be funny, and b-sides, this gives us another day to collect even MORE Sammy Rumors. But, be sure, I'll have lots to say soon, so please please please please DO check back