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Tuesday, November 2

Barrage of babes

For some reason, the name Paulina Rubio:

is stuck in my head as the girl I wanted to research today. But certainly she does not qualify as "age appropriate". I am very appreciative of all the suggestions thus far.

Here are a few more I found in my travels:

Once, I watched "The Bachelor", and it was the night that FAG Bachelor Bob booted Kelly Jo Kuharski off of the show. That's when I KNEW Bob was Gay. I have already taken the precaution of putting Kelly Jo in the All-Majestic, and Kristanna Loken in my age-appropriate All-Majestic:

I don't give a seamless fuck HOW old she is; she's appropriate enought for me.

Finally, the chick below:

reports that she has trouble "getting with" guys, because every time she has sex, it's so good, her partners propose marriage to her on the spot. THAT tightened my hides....