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Wednesday, August 18

You want a daily dose?

Go to Desipio, certain people here think I do nothing more than imitate Andy Dolan, so just suck from his tit, OK?

What? You've already been there.

Fine. You want my opinion? I quit watching the fuckin' game after Sosa struck out on a 3-2 shoulders-high pitch with the bases juiced and two outs.

Bases loaded, two outs, 1-0 game, you know you have trouble scoring, you know you've been struggling, the pitcher's been struggling, 3-2 pitch. What would I do? I guess I would be looking for a pitch in MY zone, to drive through the infield. Otherwise, I'm taking. If the pitcher drops a mother-fucking inside pitch at the knees, oh well, fuck me dry.

Otherwise, I'm prancing to first, I'm shucking off my shin guard, I'm passing the buck to someone who can actually hit. I'm driving in another run, and I'm doing what is best for my TEAM.

But, no. The fucking 800 pound ape about tore his ribs out again trying to mash one against the Jumbotron.

I am not placing the loss at his swollen feet. There are 24 other guys that deserve blame here. Actually, maybe we can give the starting staff a pass.

You all know that I hates me some Sosa, and lately there's been a lot of guys in the media who lack any kind of respect for him. The fact is, though, many of the guys in the clubhouse respect him, as least as far as his stats are concerned. They follow his lead, the same way many of them followed Fred McStiff's lead in 2001 and 2002. Remember, these are the same knuckle-dragging mopes who get thrown out of kilter if you move them in the batting order, or change their role in the bullpen. "But we didn't know our ROOOLLLE!" Ballplayers have the intellect of a day-old turd that fell from a tall dog's ass.

Swing from your jock!! Fuck the situation!! Why manufacture runs when you can make 'em in one fell swoop?

I have a full time job, and I haven't swung a bat in anger since my sophomore year in high school. Why do I know to cut down my swing with 2 strikes, and the pros don't? Because I'm fucking smarter than them!!

End of story.