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Friday, August 13

The true meaning of Cubness

Today's posts are in the memory of local resident George Cassidy, a true Cub fan in every sense of the word, who even died a true Cubs death.

Seems that George was watching Saturday's game from a local establishment, and after the Cubs recorded the third out during a particular inning (don't know which one, sorry), he decided to scurry on over to the VFW to continue watching the game. He really wanted to be there to see the start of the Cubs' half, and if all was clear and God willing, he would have made it, without a problem, since the two facilities are only a hundred yards apart.

But running along the fifty-yard line is the BNSF line, and at that very moment a freight train was just about to pass through that part of town. According to investigators, the conductor saw the whole thing happen, he couldn't believe George was going to try to cross in front of him, and even though he clapped on the brakes, there was nothing that could be done, since Superman, Spiderman, and the X-men were all elsewhere watching re-runs of "Fear Factor" or something.

There wasn't much left of George, even as train accidents go, it was horrific. Identification was aided by the fact that his cronies in bar #1 came running out after the train bellowed its horn and slammed on its brakes. They knew....they just knew.

George Cassidy, hopefully in heaven, the Cubs win every game, and Jim Edmonds gets hit by every pitch, but is still called for strikes.