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Monday, August 2

Never thought I would live to see the day


Thanx a million, Fork for turning me on to this picture. You'd think the net would be flooded with good old number 8, but I had a hard time. Guess I need to stop drinking de-caf.

And howdy to all you speech-impediment Kennedy-licking Boston, in America, it's pronounced No-Marrrr. En-oh-em-ay-arr. Nomar.

What can I say? For the first time in my entire life, the Cubs pulled off the stud hoss trade of the year. Maybe there will be some other firsts for us this year? Now, once again I have to shit on the picnic lunch, but just a little. Justin Jones is going to be good. The Twins always seem to know pitching, so for them to give up Doug Eyechart for him indicates his worth.

All done, I've wiped, now kick up the tunes, the circus is on the road! When we start Walker at second, every position in the lineup has double digit homerun potential. I salivate at the scoring potential. And I LOVED yesterday's lineup, even if Corey Patterson is NOT your standard leadoff man. IF, only IF he could be taught the strike zone, he can parlay that combination of bunting and line-drive lashing....of course, this will piss off Chuck, who hates him some CPat mity fierce, I suppose because he's bangin' Gail Fischer.

Of course, kids, we still didn't address the closer. I have to assume Hendry is thinking one of four things, in order of plausiblility:

1) As the Tigers fade in their division, we can do a waiver deal for Ugie.
2) Maybe Borowski isn't as injured as we thought.
3) Maybe Ryan Dempster can close.
4) Hawkins is the man; he will close.

I hope for #1...please, please, please....