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Friday, August 27

Mr. 3000

The premise to the Bernie Mac movie "Mr. 3000" looks like suck, but usually he's pretty funny. He even makes them lame-ass Illinois State Lottery commercials pretty entertaining.

Anyway, it got my younger child thinking: has anyone ever gotten 3,000 hits?

Oh yeah.

Who has 3,000 hits right now?

Uhhh, nobody, as far as I know. There's one guy, Raffy Palmeiro. He might be close.

Who was the last guy to get 3,000 hits?

Ummm, I'm not sure. Wade Boggs, I guess.

So off to Baseball Reference.

I was right about Wade Boggs.

I was also kind of right about Raffy. Not counting Rickey!, he has the most hits for active players, with 2,888. Mr. Viagra's slowing down, but one more decent year ought to snag it for him.

Who's next? Never would have guessed Robbie Alomar, with 2,721. Robbie's still young, but the fork in his back is jammed in there awful deep. He's done. Barroid Steroid is next with 2,701. He only has 106 hits this year, but he's still hitting .362, his OPS is 1.4 and he's just an unreal man living in an unreal world.

Then comes the Beege, and then McStiff, with 2,477. Is he retired, or not? How can you tell?

Favorite name amongst the top 100 hit men: Chili Davis, baybee, with 2,380.

The man currently 4th in home runs is Willie Mays with 660. The man currently fifth is Mark McAndro with 586. I have a feeling Sam-Me (568 and counting) is going to snuggle himself somewhere between there, when it's all said and done.

Career-wise, I mean. NOT THIS YEAR, mopes. He's not hitting 19 homers in 33 games.