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Tuesday, August 10

Life imitates Art

The Sun Times refuses to name the rock band that drove their tour bus over the Chicago River on Sunday, and dumped their refuse through the gratings on the bridge, which landed on top of a boatload of architectural tour patrons. The Tribune, surprisingly, has no such scruples, and identifies the Dave Matthews Band by name.

As you all know, if you were around during The Sloth's All Majestic Top-100 Overrated Things in Life, The Dave Matthews Band is way, way high on my list. So am I surprised to learn that members of his entourage emptied the contents of their bus toilets onto a bunch of unsuspecting people?

Hell, no. I say they have been shitting on the American public for years.

Just remember this the next time this modern-day fraud puts out another of his ersatz bluesy pieces of shit. Paying 18 bucks to listen to this buttplug clear his throat is a lot like paying 18 bucks to ride a boat and get soaked in the collected urine, feces, and other expectorations of Dave Matthews, his band and his groupies.