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Tuesday, August 31

Le Stadiee Olympique

The body language of the poor, defeated Expos said it all last night.

What a dump...I can't believe someone actually paid the money to update the turf at that place. It's that Field Turf that looks and plays like real grass, which actually made things seem more authentic than they really were last night.

Nobody wants to be there...the fussin', feudin' Cubs, the malnourished Expos, the umpires, the stadium crew, le vendors. Maybe the few thousand psychos who made the trip up there to root for us...out of all the trips you could make, that would be the very last one.

I mean, I'd rather go to Kansas City. Or Oakland.

The most snooty and pretentious amongst us will tell you that Montreal is the continent's most "European" city. All the more reason for the Sloth to skip that trip.

The truly enlightened amongst us bring back tales of let-it-all-hang-out strip clubs and sex shops. Guess that's all part of being European, too. Truly fascinating information, there, if you're Kyle Farnsworth, Jim Riggleman, Mark Grace or my old college roommate, the Karp.

It could very well happen that Les Expos will rise up and beat us the next two days, as the Cubs look forward, with trepidation, to their upcoming trip into the teeth of Hurricanes Frances and Cabrera. Watching last night's game, though, that is even hard to imagine, as lifeless and unwilling as the Expos seem to be. It seemed like it was simply another layer of minor league ball, a quadruple-A club, where you're forced to play barnstorming Major League teams in front of your small hometown crowds.

Rumor has it that Montreal is the largest city in Canada. Out of over 2 million people, they can't get more than 4,000 to show up every night? That isn't just antipathy...that is pure avoidance of the situation. Out of antipathy, you would think more people would just show up, on occasion, if only to yell and whistle at people without fear of reprisal.

I hope to God, for everyone's sake associated with MLB, that these guys find a permanent home. It is Bud Lite's biggest eyesore and most glaring failure.