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Thursday, August 26

Hilarious moment that may only tickle me

Just was driving home, and you know those Allstate commercials? The ones where the narrator is Dennis Haysbert, who currently plays the POTUS on "The West Wing" or some show like that...but whos best known by all of us as Pedro Cerrano, the movie version of Julio Zuleta on "Major League".

"Straight ball, I hit very much. Curve Ball? Bats are scared."

Anyway, he is now the second coming of the James Earl Jones Authoritative Black Voice-Over guy, I guess. Today, he starts his speil about people you may not noice offhand...

"In every company, there are people you don't immediately notice. Like on a baseball team, who notices the third-base coach? How do I know this? How many third-base coaches have groupies?....."

Um, Jo-Boo? I can think of one...