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Thursday, June 10

What, did Jason Marquis sneeze?

Must have, 'cause they called some poor sap up from the minors, and we just got done slapping the all-begotten dogshit out of him, with a dime in the 4th, and we now got a lead that even Borowski couldn't blow, even if we let him pitch TWO innings.

So, since 1 o'clock yesterday, they shit all over us, and we turned around and shit all over them. So it's basically even. We went even in this series, we went even for the homestand, and without Wood, Sosa, Grud, etc, we're basically treading water. So all of the worrying and hand-wringing, and we're still standing in the same place.

While half of the division has strolled thru here the last two weeks, we basically came away with nothing. Thanks for the lovely chit-chat, please come again.

Still, it's great to watch the good guys just run around the bases while the collie-molesting Jim Edmonds fusses and fumes until the veins pop out of his neck. I hope Cap'n Tightpants' pit bull bites Edmonds right on his hairy sack.