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Friday, June 18


Thanks, Joe, I don't usually Google. Gotta start. Love that IMAGES tab.

Hopefully we will look back on the past week with the same reverence we look back to the St. Louis 4-of-5 from last year, which seemed to be THE key turning point to 2003.

Today, Sosa will bat...4th, with Ramirez in the 3 hole. Alou gets a day off, and Hollandsworth gets one more day in the sun in left field. Personally, myself, if he wasn't The 800-Pound Gorilla, Sosa should be hitting fifth today. But I guess 4th is better than 3rd. Hopefully they can drive in some runs by the time the wheel spins around to Sosa, because you know he's going to miss badly today.

He still gives the lineup the glow of respect. You know he's probably gonna whiff, but you never know if and when he'll reach one. You HAVE to approach him that way, and that makes it just a c-hair harder for the pitcher. Which is good.

You have to hope that we are currently in the beginning of a long march to put distance between us and the Fragile Reds, Knee-Jerk AssTrolls (they paid more for Weathers than we did!) and the Evil Satanic Red Fowl. Now we can no longer hide behind the Injury mask. We are now only missing one impact player, which is typical. I'd like to keep the ball rolling, at least through the series with the Inferior Product in town.

BTW: Love him or hate him, no way, NO WAY Mark Giangreco from ABC Channel 7 deserves a week's UNPAID vacation, because he showed a black-and-white clip of a town burning, and snarked that it was live coverage from Detroit. His management claimed that his actions had RACIAL overtones...

When Disney Corp. is running the country, I want to have my Canadian Relocation Plans in order...better go start now.